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Kate Bonner

Kate Bonner's photo-based works are anchored in digital processes in dialog with drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage. Part photo, part object, the work is generated through a process of making and breaking apart. She folds or cuts found photographs and paintings, then scans them to produce new image information, then manipulated with editing software and analog tools. On layered, interrupted, and shaped surfaces, the digital gesture and the material gesture conspire and compete. With a passive interest, the camera observes liminal spaces in transit, architectural details, and objects mistaken for symbols or signs. Bonner’s basic philosophy of photography is one of resistance—a certain level of anarchy toward prescribed patterns, set movement, and defined structures. This offers opportunities to expand and broaden the space in which one experiences phenomenal appearances and thoughts. Bonner acknowledges the human desire to investigate, to know, to mentally construct, while simultaneously confounding the results.

Kate Bonner (b. 1980, Saginaw, MI) received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2012 and her BFA from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. She lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Bonner has been awarded artist residencies at the School of Visual Arts and Inside Zone in Romania. In 2013 she was included in NextNewCA, a survey of selected MFA graduates at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Bonner’s work has been exhibited at The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, The Renaissance Society, The Hole, Et al Projects, The Pit, Queen’s Nails, The Popular Workshop, Important Projects, and Ever Gold, among other venues, and has been presented at NADA New York, UNTITLED Miami Beach, Paris Photo Los Angeles, Material Art Fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, and EXPO Chicago. She is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

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