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Before us—in between a concrete present, an illusory point.
The mythic anonymity.
The potential of discovery—getting lost—again.
The autonomy of choice.
The bravado of choosing.
The regret of lost possibility.
The Road—nexus of free will and fate,
Ruled by instincts, logic, unpredictable contingencies.

Participating artists include: Brandon Andrew, Kate Bonner, Matthew Carter, John Chiara, Chris Engman, Hamish Fulton, Nicolas Grenier, James Hyde, Masood Kamandy, Molly Larkey, Cristóbal Lehyt, Lily Stockman, Britton Tolliver, Jonathan VanDyke, and Aaron Wrinkle.


THE ROAD explores one of the most complex of human conditions—the autonomy of choice; the principle of selection that all choices come at the exclusion of others.  In varying symbolic permutations, “The Road” wonders through a broad range of conceptual, stylistic and philosophical propositions, engaging notions of free will and fate, irony and sincerity, myth and truth, action and indecision, along with a dose of irrationality and, perhaps, regret. THE ROAD is the journey of unending choices, marked equally by achievement, approval and success, as it is by assumption, misunderstanding and failed attempts.

At its core, THE ROAD is about the collision of different strategies and can be likened to a road trip in which one is constantly being presented with choices.  Each artist offers their own map and path...a way of looking and understanding something that may or may not necessarily intersect with others.  Thematically, it's open to interpretation. While some artists have chosen to engage the subject of the road and road trip more directly, using it as an opportunity to examine personal and psychological realities or comment on the present socio- global discourse; for others, it is a chance to explore the conceptual, formal and material aspects of contemporary art making.

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