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Press Release

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce our participation in the tenth edition of VOLTA 2014 in Basel, Switzerland with a group presentation featuring Zackary Drucker, Masood Kamandy, and Chris Engman. 

ZACKARY DRUCKER’s “Relationship” (on exhibit in the 2014 Whitney Biennial from March 7 through May 25, 2014) is a series of personal snapshots depicting the arc of her real-life love story with Rhys Ernst. Installed salon-style like family portraiture in a private home, the photographs (2008-13) are an intimate voyeuristic view into the private transgender relationship of these two photographers (Zackary is male-to-female; Rhys, female-to- male). Reminiscent of Nan Golden photographs of the late 1970s/early 80s, the portraits convey a specific time and place—the sexuality of two individuals living in Los Angeles who have opted for a non-operative transition into an altered gender existence on hormones.

An interdisciplinary artist, MASOOD KAMANDY’s studio practice explores mediums that involve the 'technical image', photographic representation, and image dispersion. Kamandy writes computer programs to manipulate his digital images, a process that encourages a new level of interaction with the photograph's fundamental numeric elements, treating this raw material in the same manner analog photography manipulates filters and chemicals. Experimental in nature, his practice is not about breaking down or atomizing photography, but rather acknowledging that photography is a slippery and indefinable reality unto itself.

CHRIS ENGMAN’s photographs are documentations of sculptures and installations as well as records of actions and elaborate processes. His images are visualized expressions of ways of ordering the world in which an illusion is created and shattered. They are internally consistent, but in the end they are—and feel—empty. It is this emptiness that Engman’s attracted to: “Logic, he says, is a beautiful thing built upon nothing at all.” At Volta 10, the Gallery will present photographs from a new body of work that will premiere at the gallery in April 2014.

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