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Press Release

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce our participation in the tenth edition of Art Los Angeles Contemporaryin its new location at The Hollywood Athletic Club with a presentation of new paintings by Düsseldorf-based Erik Olson and New York-based Josh Reames. 

Erik Olson renders people and experiences that are familiar and new as he moves through the world questioning presumptions and perceptions of reality through paint. The figures that populate his canvases are likened to characters in mystery plays, each flaunting their own constructed personas and exuberant color. For Olson, each portrait is a means to express many attributes or identities in one person simultaneously.

Josh Reames’ new "bumper sticker paintings" continue to reference a vocabulary of transient signs and symbols, untethered in space and anchored by visual and textual puns. The paintings are frequently structured ways that reflect what is seen on a computer screen: content that is floating, often indexical, shifting, disappearing, and non-hierarchical. This familiar visual framework for almost all image, news, and information consumption is painstakingly translated through the analog process of painting.  

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