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Josh Reames, West, Wester, Westest, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50 in. ea.

Consciously employing commonly used artistic techniques, such as trompe l'oeil, action painting, graphic design, screen printing, and rudimentary drawing, Josh Reames’ paintings break down hierarchies of mark-making, art historical references, computer graphics, labels, and everyday objects in a manner drawn from the non-objective “infinite scroll” of images and information we encounter in both the online and real world. All incidents exists on one plane and Reames’ work has a borderless quality, its surface seemingly holding the potential to extend infinitely.

Reames’ conceptual framework functions as a kind of filtration device for cultural byproduct.  His object-filled canvases reference a vocabulary of transient emojis, signs, and symbols, untethered in space and anchored by visual and textual puns. Content in Reames’s paintings can be understood in the same way that one might consider a Google image search—a field in which images are constantly appearing side-by-side, shifting in order, disappearing, and any authoritative meaning is nearly impossible to pin down.

Josh Reames aligns his understanding of painterly tradition with his interpretation of a contemporary experience that speaks directly to the viewer and that seems fitting in the moment of creation.  As Reames carves out his own space in the painting world and creates his own grammar, he wittingly nods his head to history as well.

Josh Reames was born 1985, Dallas, Texas, and received his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and BFA from University of North Texas. He is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles where has presented solo exhibitions in 2014 and 2016.  Reames has exhibited in a number of galleries and institutions, including Elmhurst Museum of Art, Andrea Rosen Gallery, The Hole, Josh Lilley Gallery, Johannes Vogt Gallery, Brand New Gallery, Galeria Annaruma, Andrew Rafacz, Monya Rowe Gallery, LVL3, and Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin, as well as NADA Miami and NADA New York, Artissima, UNTITLED Miami, EXPO Chicago, and VOLTA NY. Reames was artist-in-residence at Ox Bow (funded by Joan Mitchell Foundation) and The Barn, East Hampton, NY. 

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