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Tijuana-born artist Hugo Crosthwaite's work combines portraiture, sketching, painting, ceramics, photography and animation to create dense and layered compositions. Working primarily in black and white, Crosthwaite brings characters from allegory and popular media to illustrate the human condition, interacting with the architecture of Tijuana and dreams of the border. His work often elevates the ordinary person to heroic levels showing the trials they endure while surviving in contemporary society. Crosthwaite won a commission from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. to create a portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci. True to his style, he created an animated video reflecting Dr. Fauci's lifelong work in health care. Crosthwaite shares his inspirations and dedication to craft in this engaging conversation.
Recorded on 12/06/2022. (#38608)

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