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To Bough and To Bend
Bridge Projects

This publication was printed in conjunction with the exhibition To Bough and To Bend curated by Alejandro Figuerendo Diaz-Perera. Cara Megan lewis, Vicki Phung Smith, Linnéa Gabriella Spransy Neuss, and Michael Wright. 

The Bodhi Tree is said to be the site of Siddhārtha Gautama’s awakening as the Buddha. The Tree of Life is found in both the beginning of the Jewish Tanakh and in the last book of the Christian Scriptures. Ancient Chinook prayers address God as the “Maker of Trees.” As the novelist Richard Powers said, trees are rightly called  “architecture of imagination.” Their shade and branches have been sites of contemplation, suffering, and imagining our renewal.

Today, trees still speak: blunt stumps communicate deforestation and charred limbs speak of Los Angeles fires started by our own hands—or our negligence. New discoveries of communicating root systems speak to a tangled web of connections just below the surface of the visible world, just as LA’s iconic—and imported—palms evoke a colonial past. In To Bough and To Bend, artists explore these ecological issues and look to both religious and historic art practices that help us listen to these old friends, so that we might find our way back into the living world we share.

In To Bough and To Bend, a group show features Robert Adams, Miya Ando, Charles Burchfield, Pamela Burgess, Daniel Cheek, Zoe Crosher, Gil Delindro, Kieran Dodds, Chris Garofalo, Ken Gonzales-Day, Todd Gray, Tim Hawkinson, Leonor Jurado, Kazuo Kadonaga, Corita Kent, Siobhan McDonald, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Jarrett Mellenbruch, Harold Mendez, Billy Joe Miller and Nathan Weick, Ahram Park, Kate Parsons, Katie Paterson, Heather Rasmussen, Lucas Reiner, Ben Sanders, Tal Shochat, Ben Vance, Ellen Wagener, Patty Wickman and Amir Zaki.

Hardcover, 103 pages
Texts by Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera, Cara Megan Lewis, Roberta Ahmanson. Michael Wright, Vicki Phung Smith, and Linnéa Gabriella Spransy Neuss. 
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