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Hugo Crosthwaite

The 2nd Los Angeles SUR: biennial


Hugo Crosthwaite


Hugo Crosthwaite included in exhibition catalogue for The 2nd Los Angeles SUR:biennial

The SUR:biennial, a multi-venue exhibition focusing on artists influenced and/or impacted by cultures from south of the US-border, aims to expand Los Angeles’ importance as a critical epicenter in today’s decentralized art scene. Three venues in Cerritos, Torrance, and Whittier were chosen to host the exhibit, as these are predominantly Latino communities on the south and east sides of Los Angeles county that are often overshadowed by art venues on the westside.

The artworks range from paintings, collages, conceptual art, video installations, large-scale sculptures, site-specific installations, social interventions, and live performance art.

Artists: Adriana Baltazar, Misael Diaz, Amy Sanchez, Enrique Castrejon, Marisol Rendón, Gala Porras-Kim, Leora Lutz, Ignacio Perez Meruane, Daino, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Andres Payan, Raquel Gutiérrez, John P. Hogan, Matt Lucero, Christina Sanchez, Cayetano Juarez, Tanya Aguiñiga, Carmen Argote, Ruby Osorio, Doris Rodriguez, Emily Silver, Antonia Wright, Alida Cervantes, Hugo Crosthwaithe, Walpa D’Mark, Alex Donis, Zoè Gruni, Yoshua Okón, Abel Rodriguez, and Analia Saban

Softcover, 240 pages 
Essayists: Cynthia Neri Lewis and James MacDevitt
Publisher: Cerritos College

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