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Pre-Pop Warhol

Nathan Gluck

Pre-Pop Warhol
Jesse Kornbluth
New York, NY: Panache Press at Random House, 1988

Synopsis: Structured as if to please the late artist, this handsome book recalls Warhol's fleeting and repetitive style. Tina S. Fredericks offers a friendly recollection of Warhol in 1949, new to New York and as full of eccentricities as we might expect. She then takes us on a compact journey of her contacts with Warhol over the next four decades. Tucked in with these observations is Jesse Kornbluth's essay, which displays an artist breezing to success in the world of fashion, advertising, and magazine illustration. Kornbluth delivers enticing tidbits of Warhol's economic situation and social life as well. True to the Pop Warhol, the art shown here was often colored, copied, and completed by the artist's employees, but these shoes, cats, birds, and brisk portraits remain Warhol's.

Category: Book
Pages: 192 pp.
Dimensions: 31 x 24.1 cm
Format: Hard cover
Binding: sewn
Process: offset
Color: color
ISBN 0-394-57015-4

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