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Lynching in the West 1850-1935
Ken Gonzales-Day
Duke University Press, 2006

There have been many books published on lynching in the United States but only a handful include more than a cursory glance to the Western region of the nation. When they do, the information is usually out of date or inaccurate. Lynching in the West began as an effort to expand the historical record in California, and in doing so, discovered that contrary to the vast majority of published texts and histories that frontier justice and vigilantism were not always a racially neutral set of practices.

The book includes a detailed appendix of over 350 cases of Lynching, assembled by the author, as well as chapters addressing the NAACP, legal execution, racial formation, physiognomy, and the lynching photograph, along with 16 color pages, and photography by the artist/author. The appended case lists reveals that in California, while many persons of white, European, Asian, African, and Native American descent were lynched, that Latinos of Mexican (and Latin American) were more likely to be lynched than any other racial, ethnic or national group.

The essays and structure of the book serves as a catalyst for thinking about racial violence and national identity today.

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