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Paint Objects

Margie Livingston

Paint Objects
Margie Livingston
Seattle, WA: Margie Livingston. 2011, 2011

Synopsis: Produced in conjunction with the artist's first solo exhibition at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, January 22-February 26, 2011, the catalog features an essay by Noah Simblist titled "An Archeology of Practice: The Object of Paint(ing) in the Contemporary Sublime."

Margie Livingston has long been admired for her abstract paintings that articulate the interaction between the architectural grid and the natural, organic world. Based on three-dimensional models that she builds in the studio, her paintings directly translate the phenomena of space, light, color and gravity upon these hybrid structures into lines and bands of color that hang seemingly suspended in space. Now, letting accident and discovery meet invention and experimentation, Livingston reverses her usual process, using paint to construct objects. Her new paint objects–built entirely from dots, strips, and skins of dried acrylic pigment–investigate the properties of paint pushed into three dimensions and offer a compelling view into how the medium of paint can be used sculpturally. With this major transformation of her practice Livingston has moved away from working with the illusion of space and toward working with literal space, constructing objects that straddle two media–painting and sculpture.

Category: Exhibition Catalog
Pages: 52 pp.
Dimensions: 22.9 x 22.9 cm
Format: Soft cover
Binding: glue bound
Process: digital offset
Color: color
Edition: 100
ISBN: 978-0-615-39703-0

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