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Phung Huynh - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Phung Huynh
Americanization, 2022
Mixed media collage
Dimensions variable: approximately 60 x 96 in.

Collective Memory Installation

The Collective Memory Installation is a digital exhibition of artworks reflecting on the collective history of Los Angeles County, presented by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture in partnership with Grand Park powered by The Music Center. The installation features artworks by one hundred Los Angeles artists across a wide array of artistic mediums to share diverse community experiences and perspectives, highlight underrepresented histories, and celebrate the dynamic culture of our region.

The Collective Memory Installation will be on view at Grand Park, overlooking the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, Saturday, February 25 through Saturday, March 18. The artworks are presented by theme weekly, curated by cultural organizer Anuradha Vikram. Everyone is welcome to attend and observe this digital exhibition.


Hao Huynh (Mom), 2019, Graphite on pink donut box

This is a drawing that I made of my mother from her documentation photograph at a refugee camp in Thailand. I wanted to honor my family's Southeast Asian refugee experience, our resettlement in the United States, and finding home in Los Angeles.

Americanization, 2022, Laminated drawing, collage

This piece is about the process of becoming American. The process can be a complicated and painful journey about displacement and cultural assimilation that can include being seen as "the forever foreigner."

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Selected Works

Phung Huynh Hao Huynh (Mom), 2019

Phung Huynh
Hao Huynh (Mom), 2019
Graphite on pink donut box
25 x 30.5 in.

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