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Lia Halloran - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

An immersive examination of how humans have conceptualized the sky throughout history, this group exhibition will demonstrate how the unfolding realities exposed by new science are affecting change in the understanding of ourselves, our planet and beyond.

Part of the Williamson Gallery’s ongoing series of exhibitions and programs examining the intersection of contemporary art and science, SKY brings together works by West Coast artists with objects and artifacts from various museums and scientific archives, including The Caltech Archive, Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the European Space Agency.

Participants include Southern California artists Lia Halloran, Rebeca Méndez, Laura Parker, Christopher Richmond and Carol Saindon; and Washington State scientist Eleanor Lutz; among others. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 20-page mini-catalog with essays and images, available free of charge to all gallery visitors. A component of the exhibition, Lia Halloran’s video installation, Double Horizon, will be presented at ArtCenter’s Mullin Gallery (South Campus) during the month of February. The exhibition is curated by Stephen Nowlin, Director of Exhibitions.

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