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Lia Halloran: Double Horizon at the Peter and Merle Mullin Gallery at ArtCenter College of Design

Lia Halloran
Double Horizon, 2019
Three-channel video installation
8:22 min.

Double Horizon features works by Lia Halloran that investigate the personal, physical, psychological, and scientific exploration of space.

Shot over two years during the course of more than thirty flights, Double Horizon (2019) originated in footage the artist generated while learning to fly. Recording each journey with four mounted cameras, the imagery captures the landscape of the greater Los Angeles area from downtown to Catalina Island and all the highways and suburban valleys in between.

Halloran presents three views of movement simultaneously, swallowing the viewer into a cockpit of the scenic. Creating a heightened experience of disorientation is an affective mirroring effect—the landscape repeatedly collapses into itself, which allows the viewer to toggle between geographic recognition and introspective exploration perforated by seemingly miraculous glimpses of other airplanes or birds in flight.

Double Horizon is an homage to Los Angeles, to exploration, and to wandering. Halloran traverses the landscape in ways most won't and asks the viewer to reflect on the poetic nature of the body's relationship to its environment. Through her documentation of intentional experience, Halloran offers a phenomenological adventuring with the ability to lose consciousness or existence and find it again.”

Opening reception: Thu Jan 30, 7-9pm

Lia Halloran: Double Horizon accompanies the group exhibition SKY, on view simultaneously at ArtCenter’s Williamson Gallery (Hillside campus).

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