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Lia Halloran - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Video still from Lia Halloran's Double Horizon, 2019.


Double Horizon is an immersive three-screen video installation that envelopes the viewer in artist Lia Halloran’s portrait of Los Angeles. The video footage was shot from cameras mounted to a plane piloted by Halloran as the artist was learning to fly. The flipped and mirrored footage presents the city and surrounding natural areas as kaleidoscopic abstractions, reflecting the artist's experience of her home city altered by the new scale and perspective offered by her flight experiences. 

Scored with an original musical composition by Allyson Newman, the installation explores and transforms the constructed and natural landscapes of the Los Angeles Basin as part of Halloran’s ongoing investigations into the physical, psychological, and scientific explorations of space.

Lia Halloran often incorporates science and nature to create projects that draw from scientific materials, historical influences, and identities. She has participated in a wide range of interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists and architects including an upcoming book with Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne about the “warped side of the universe.” She lives in Los Angeles where she is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, and is an Associate Professor at and Chair of the Art Department at Chapman University, teaching courses that explore the intersection of art and science.

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