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Federico Solmi at Open Spaces 2018

Federico Solmi
The Great Farce, 2017
Nine-channel video installation, color, sound
08:11 min.

Most video artists depend on a lens-based process to film their work, but New York-based Federico Solmi exploits the virtual architecture of video games to create a phantasmagoric world of whirling space, jerking movement and oscillating facades. Solmi's art investigates the contradictions and inaccuracies of historical narratives that have led society into a chaotic era of misinformation, and unmasks core hypocrisies in contemporary society, merging art with political and social commentary. Federico Solmi's 9-channel opus The Great Farce will have its U.S. premiere and will be presented in its entirety at Open Spaces 2018. The video installation, will be projected on the walls of the UMKC Art Gallery at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Also featured in Solmi's exhibition are unique and original hand-painted artist books as well as several books of textures which detail the process behind the 3D characters seen in the videos. 

Open Spaces 2018: A Kansas City Arts Experience is curated by Dan Cameron.

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