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Federico Solmi - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Promoted and organised by Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma and Azienda Speciale Pala- expo, the exhibition, staged on the Noble Floor of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, spans an area of over 2,000 square metres and presents 10 exhibition sections conceived by 11 curators featuring 99 artists with 150 works, all recent and many created especially for the event. The museum layout is free and the visitor – starting from the central Rotonda which, during the exhibition, will be animated by the performances, meetings and film showings that are an integral part of the exhibition projects of many curators – can embark on his or her own personal visitor experience in one of the exhibition sectors.

The title is inspired by the collection “Un weekend postmoderno. Cronache dagli anni Ottanta” (1990) (“A postmodern weekend. Stories of the 1980s”) by writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli (1955-1991) who tells the story of Italy in fragments. Similarly, the 16th Art Quadrennial is conceived as a changing map of the cultural and artistic productions of contemporary Italy and each of the ten exhibition sec- tions focuses on a theme, method, approach or geneaology that characterises its artistic projects. 

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