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Antonia Wright - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Antonia Wright
Suddenly We Jumped, 2014
14 seconds

ARTISTS + IDENTITY: Portraiture, Performance, Doppelgängers, and Disguise

Alexandria Wright will be presenting two works within group exhibition Artists + Identity: Portraiture, Doppelgängers, and Disguises. One work is a video piece entitled Suddenly We Jumped, which features her being thrust through a sheet of glass, and the other is MAP, which is a photogram of glass being shattered. MAP is a response work to the police killings of unarmed Black people in 2020. 

This exhibition takes a multi-level approach to understand the presentation and expression of oneself in contemporary art. Both playful and poetic, each of the artists conveys representations or misrepresentations of persona through painting, sculpture, video, performance. The exhibition will introduce ideas to the general public to encourage observation and self-perception; they are encouraged to look longer or look twice.​

​Curated by Meaghan Kent

Participating artists: Mequitta Ahuja, Lex Barberio, Nash Glynn,
Martine Gutierrez, Loie Hollowell, Annie Leibovitz, Helina Metaferia,
Christina Pettersson, Terence Price II, Lucas Samaras, Cindy Sherman,
Antonia Wright, with archives from the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Family Archive

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