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The gallery is pleased to announce that June Edmonds will be part of a panel on Virtual | Equity & Represenation in Contemporary Art- A Panel Discussion for Black History Month
Over the course of time in America, large swaths of art history have been omitted, erased, or ignored. This absence has created a significant void in the narrative around how people of African descent and people of color have contributed to the artistic canon.

The impact presents significant disadvantages for artists of color. From artists that have difficulty gaining representation, to art historians overlooking Black and Brown artists’ contributions, to collectors that do not have access to works they would like to acquire, the playing field has never been level. Bias shows up in art schools, in institutions, in hiring practices, in the primary and secondary art market, and in the critical voices that influence all of the above.

Recent news of high-profile curatorial appointments are a move in the right direction. However, there is significant work that remains to be done. What kind of new and inclusive art world can we as art professionals help to create?

Join us for this interactive session on a very timely and important topic. The discussion will address questions surrounding this subject including:

What are the barriers to equity and representation and how can we, as leaders, make a difference toward that goal?
What does it feel like to be an “outsider” in the art world?
Why does diversity and representation matter?
How can institutions and art spaces be more accessible to all?
Black art is “hot” right now. Why?
How does diversity in art help us to understand each other in a complex multicultural society?

Panel Participants:

June Edmonds, Award-Winning Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Chela Mitchell, Art Advisor and Founder of Komuna House Global Arts Club, New York, NY
Dr. Kimberli Gant, McKinnon Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA
Moderated by Lynne Toye, Founder of Art Unpacked, New York, NY

Please join us after the discussion for 10-15 minutes of virtual networking in Zoom Breakout Rooms! In pre-pandemic times, ArtTable programs were a time for members and non-members to connect with old friends and meet new people, and we aim to simulate that in the virtual realm!


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