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May 24, 2019


Jasper Johns famously attributed the origin of his iconic painting of the American flag to a vision he had at night; likewise, June Edmonds arrived at her first stroke-by-stroke reconstitution of a flag through a dream she had in 2017, after she returned to her home town of Los Angeles from a residency in Paducah, Kentucky.   more

In her case, though, it wasn't about the same stars and stripes; during her residency, while driving to Memphis, she had seen a wall-size Confederate flag—a looming, unapologetic beacon still standing on the Southern hillside—to which she later responded in a series of paintings. That body of work is now part of “Allegiances and Convictions,” Edmonds’s first show at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

Made of thick, wet-looking bands of acrylic, many in brown skin tones, set into columns that redouble the orientation of their vertical supports, Edmonds’s “Flag Paintings,” 2017–, relate to her earlier Primary Theories, 2016, for which she conjured a range of browns amid tesserae-like units of other colors. The obdurate, overwhelmingly material pieces here line the walls like so many darkly reflective monuments to the episodes of American history—people and events—referenced in the titles (such as Claudette Colvin Flag, 2019, after the civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat to a white woman on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama).

A few unstretched paintings are also on view, hanging like Sam Gilliam’s fabric garlands, mourning alongside, and perhaps in solidarity with, the flags. Together, the works seem to be both registers of another time and heralds of recurring histories—most emphatically so with Case for Reparations Flag, 2019. [ READ MORE ]

May 24, 2019


Tilda Swinton’s first photography show, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’

The actor draws upon the gender-bending novel to guest edit Aperture's Summer 2019 issue, featuring photography by Collier Schorr and Carmen Winant.

For Aperture’s Summer 2019 edition, guest editor Tilda Swinton turned to Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando for its uncannily prescient explorations of gendered identity.   more

Set in the 16th century, the titular protagonist lives for 300 years, sliding back and forth between the genders on the way. Swinton’s fascination with the novel began when she starred as the titular character in the 1992 film adaptation directed by Sally Potter. [ READ MORE ]

May 22, 2019


In  more

spired by Virginia Woolf, Curated by Tilda Swinton

The actress makes her first foray into art curation in a photography show that revolves around the gender-defying themes of Woolf’s novel “Orlando.”

Tilda Swinton can boast of many achievements, having performed in more than 70 films, including “Michael Clayton,” for which she won an Oscar in 2008.

In a way hers is the broadest of careers, stretching from her salad days of the 1980s working with the acclaimed independent director Derek Jarman to her appearance in this year’s “Avengers: Endgame,” which is already one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.
But until now Ms. Swinton, 58, has never organized an art exhibition.

The show, “Orlando,” which opens Friday at the Aperture Foundationand features nearly five dozen photographs by 11 artists, is Ms. Swinton’s first foray into art curation. [ READ MORE ]

May 21, 2019

ZACKARY DRUCKER: These L.A. Artists Are Bringing Queer Perspectives Into Focus

Long relegated to the margins of the art world, LGBTQ artists have always tested the borders of expression. Now they’re claiming their place at center stage.

Zackary Drucker’s videos delight in deconstructing gender binaries (she’s also a producer on Transparent).  [ READ MORE ]

May 15, 2019


The solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist June Edmonds at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is a series of multi-colored paintings inspired by the American flag. All of them, vertical, and in earth tones, evoking the variety of brown skin colors.   more

The exhibition, "Allegiances and Convictions," presents the American flag as a “symbol of ideals, promises, and identity… including race, nationality, [and] gender” (Luis De Jesus).

At the opening of the exhibition, I had a chance to talk with the artist and learn that this body of work was inspired by a dream in which she saw large, black flags. When Edmonds was interviewed by gallery owner Luis De Jesus, she emphasized the fact that her paintings were not inspired by Jasper Johns’ famous, horizontal flag paintings. She said, her flags “are standing for something,” so that’s why she keeps them standing. Knowing this, I see her flags as a series of portraits of Americans of many races and colors.

May 10, 2019

ZACKARY DRUCKER: Festival Of Jewish Arts And Music At Melbourne Recital Centre Announces First Programme

Th  more

e Festival of Jewish Arts and Music (FOJAM), formerly Shir Madness Melbourne, takes over the Melbourne Recital Centre in a day-long immersion of contemporary Jewish culture with 30 performances across music, theatre, dance and conversation on Sunday 8 September, 2019.

Inspired by Lou Reed's urgent call to Walk on the Wild Side, the program features over 140 international and homegrown artists who are breaking or have already broken convention to carve new paths.

Among the international headliners making their Australian debut on Australian stages are Israeli beatmaker and producer Noga Erez; American singer-songwriter Chris Cohen, formerly of the band Deerhoof; stalwart British journalist and performer Vivien Goldman (aka "the Punk Professor"). Also on the international roster, Zackary Drucker, a multimedia artist and LGBT activist, will speak about her work as a producer on the TV series Transparent and the intersections of queer and Jewish identities in one of the festival's panel discussions. [ READ MORE ]

May 09, 2019

Datebook: Painter June Edmonds imagines flags inspired by black history

Paintings inspired by flags and a retrospective of an influential African painter. Plus, a high school art collection and bawdy ceramics. Here are six exhibitions and events to check out in the coming week:

June Edmonds, “Allegiances and Convictions,” at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles. A new exhibition by the L.A.-based artist dwells on the significance of flags — both as visual statements and tokens of identity. In this case, each of her flags pays tribute to African American history past and present. Opens Saturday and runs through June 15.   more

2685 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City, [ READ MORE ]

May 07, 2019

HUGO CROSTHWAITE AND FEDERICO SOLMI: National Portrait Gallery Announces 2019 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition Finalists

Washington, D.C., May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery has announced the finalists for its fifth triennial Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. Their work will be presented in “The Outwin 2019: American Portraiture Today,” a major exhibition premiering at the National Portrait Gallery Oct. 26 through Aug. 30, 2020. Every three years, artists living and working in the United States are invited to submit one of their recent portraits to a panel of experts chosen by the museum.   more

The works of this year’s 46 finalists were selected from over 2,600 entries. The first-prize winner, to be announced this fall, will receive a cash award of $25,000 and a commission to create a portrait of a living person for the museum’s permanent collection. [ READ MORE ]

April 30, 2019

KEN GONZALES-DAY: Here’s Your Go-To Guide to All the Fairs Coming to New York for Frieze Week 2019

The anchor fair of the week promises to be just as chock-full of programming as in previous years. There are also some new additions, including the Di├ílogos section, which will show works by Latinx and Latin American artists like Ana Mendieta, Ken Gonzales-Day, and Marta Chilindron; and the Frieze sculpture prize, a new commission made this year by up-and-coming artist Lauren Halsey. [ READ MORE ]

April 30, 2019

KEN GONZALES-DAY: Virtual Reality and Latinx Art: New Frontiers at Frieze New York 2019

Frieze Art Fair once again descends on New York City in the first days of May this year, bringing its signature clamour of collectors, critics, celebrities and artists to Randall’s Island Park for one of the biggest events in the art market calendar.

Another themed section of the fair turns a spotlight on contemporary and modern Latin artists.   more

Taking cue from the legendary performance artist Ana Mendieta, Di├ílagos presents works from artists whose practice includes a bold sense of color, pageantry and performance, alongside a highly politicized examination of identity. Ken Gonzales-Day explores, through various media, the material legacies of identity-based oppressions, casting an unflinching eye over histories of slavery, colonialism, gender-normativity and other systemic evils. [ READ MORE ]