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Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth is the next chapter in Federico Solmi's ongoing narrative of a post-secular, materialistic contemporary society thatexamines the self-destructive nature of mankind through satirical commentary on repressive behavior and authoritarian power structures, as well as misguided ethical and moral values.  Through a dystopian metaphor, this swarming animation articulates a fictitious portrayal of an imaginary 21st century Chinese leader, idolized by his crowd of subjects, whose desire is total world domination.  Driven by ruthless ambition and a blood-thirsty appetite, he has brought Earth under his control with an iron fist.  With America as the only obstacle standing in his way to victory, our beloved Tyrant embarks on his final march toward immortal glory, culminating with an epic finale--a military invasion of Times Square and the annihilation of planet Earth.

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