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In this episode, Eric sits down with multidisciplinary artist and activist Yrneh Gabon who opens up about growing up in Jamaica, how his passion for art and expression grew, studying art, music and theatre as a young boy.. to eventually competing in national competitions, leaving school and entering the professional world of filmmaking, art and performance which lead him to an exciting and multifaceted global career in the arts. What lead him back to higher education and the mentors that have inspired and supported him along the way. They discuss Gabon’s travels to Africa and how it has informed his artwork.. that combines various missions that he has advocated for; including people affected by Albinism, visiting Tanzania for research and ultimately lobbying for and even testifying at the United Nations about his findings.. his ecological activism and his exciting upcoming projects and exhibitions.


Guest Bio: Yrneh Gabon Brown is a Jamaican born, Multi-disciplinary, Mixed media and performance artist based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) BFA with (Hons) and Otis College of Arts and Design, (MFA). Yrneh is a multi-disciplinary artist that seeks to balance and intersect artistic representation with social activism and social commentary, particularly regarding issues pertinent to Africa and people within its Diaspora. In 2014, after travels and research in Tanzania, Jamaica and across America, Gabon was given his first solo and major body of work at the California African American Museum CAAM entitled “Visibly Invisible”; Albinism in Tanzania, Jamaica, and the USA through his eyes. “Visibly Invisible” Focused on the killings, the hunting and mistreatment of people born with Albinism, and brought attention to the plight of people living with Albinism particularly in East Africa and was instrumental in speaking at the United Nation, in New York advocating for the passing of the bill that protects people with Albinism around the world. His ongoing project is an Operetta on ecological Climate Change entitled “Memba Mi Tell Yu/Listen Up Take Note” bringing awareness to the nexus of ecological climate change dealing with fire and water. His current project phase 2 “Ditched the Salt” focuses on salt consumption, sensitivity and its relationship and history with people of color. Featured art on display: Yrneh Gabon, Hale the Woman, 2007, mixed media on paper, 14 x 9 inches. Michael Massenburg, Middle Passage, 2005, mixed media assemblage, 21.38 x 11.38 x 8.5 inches. About Eric's Perspective: A podcast series on African American art with Eric Hanks. Eric Hanks — African American art specialist, owner of the renowned M. Hanks Gallery and commissioner on the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; offers his perspective on African American art through in-depth conversations with fellow art enthusiasts where they discuss the past, present & future of African American art.


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