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The artwork includes newsprint publications and t-shirts that were distributed to local grocery stores, farmers markets, cafes, and other places frequented by Latino, Mexican and Central American communities.

At first glance one of the publications looks like commonly used weekly advertisements from the Super Mercardo, showing specials on groceries and cleaning goods. But when read, the advertisements contain Covid-19 harm reduction messaging in clever ways using familiar visuals and text. The second newspaper is intended to attract a younger audience and partly uses the visual format of the Loteria – a traditional family pastime and game of chance that is similar to bingo, but uses images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. Loteria is played by all age groups and the imagery is instantly recognizable to everyone. In this case the images reinforce harm reduction messaging.  Finally the artists created a limited edition of 1,000 t-shirts, using the Loteria image and text, that were only distributed to farm workers throughout the Monterey/Salinas Valley.

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