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Artist Statement from Stack Overflow :

In computer science, a stack is a particular kind of collection in which the principal operations on the collection are the addition of an entity to the collection, known as push and removal of an entity, known as pop... If the stack is full and does not contain enough space to accept an entity to be pushed, the stack is then considered to be in an overflow state.' 

The potency of painting is its potential to establish and record new ways of seeing. Thus the paintings in Stack Overflow offer a new kind of representation - one that explores painting slipping between states of digital representation and painted object; one that nakedly exhibits a set of layers, images, and objects and the transactions between them. The distinction between real and virtual images seems to be disappearing - a virtual spray or paintbrush tool carries as much recognition as the tool it seeks to mimic. I want to paint within this new mode - setting all of these visual and procedural cues within the same object and asserting a new mode in painting.

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