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Laura Krifka

The Game of Patience

September 7 - October 26, 2019

Laura Krifka, "Lions," 2019, oil on panel, 60 by 40 inches

Lions, 2019
Oil on panel
60 x 40 in.

Starling, 2018 Oil on panel

Starling, 2018
Oil on panel
48 x 36 in.

Laura Krifka, "The Dream," 2017, oil on panel, 30 by 30 inches

The Dream, 2017
Oil on panel
30 x 30 in.

Laura Krifka, "Copy Cat," 2017, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

Copy Cat, 2017
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 in

Laura Krifka,"Piggyback," 2019, oil on canvas, 60 by 72 inches

Piggyback, 2019
Oil on canvas
60 x 72 in.

Laura Krifka, "Blue Bowls," 2018, oil on canvas, 48 by 48 inches

Blue Bowls, 2018
Oil on canvas
48 x 48 in.

Laura Krifka, "Twin Pucker," 2018, oil on panel, 50 by 40 inches

Twin Pucker, 2018
Oil on panel
50 x 40 in.

Laura Krifka, "Gemini," 2019, oil on canvas, 48 by 43 inches

Gemini, 2019
Oil on canvas
48 x 43 in.

Laura Krifka, "Between Us," 2019, oil on canvas, 36 by 42 inches

Between Us, 2019
Oil on canvas
36 x 42 in.

Laura Krifka, "Woman Drying Herself," 2019, oil on canvas, 65 x 40 inches

Woman Drying Herself, 2019
Oil on canvas
65 x 40 in.

Pink Peep, 2019

Pink Peep, 2019
Oil on panel
46 x 30 in.

Laura Krifka, "Cockeyed," 2018, oil on panel, 30 by 20 inches

Cockeyed, 2018
Oil on panel
30 x 20 in.

Press Release

The Game of Patience features new figurative paintings by artist Laura Krifka that depict female and male subjects in intimate moments within carefully constructed interiors. Krifka deftly paints her bare-skinned protagonists reading, drawing, daydreaming, watching, and waiting. The peep of a phallus and the highlight of a thigh gap allude to the pleasure of stillness, supplemented by the visual tension meticulously sculpted throughout the domestic spaces. A notable development in Krifka's content is the idiosyncratic wallpapers that appear to direct the viewer's gaze rather than lay flat. These imagined patterns create parallel planes of space, shift color and shape inexplicably, and build psychological tension, functioning like maps for the dream logic of each painting.

At the heart of Krifka's practice are post-modern and contemporary critiques of canonical Painting. Krifka treats the false dichotomies of subject and object, male and female, observer and observed as comedic jumping off points before bending or breaking the rules and moving on to more nuanced and poetic concerns. Sensually charged in the pinks, purples, pea-greens, and ochers of afternoon reveries, all the protagonists are depicted in vulnerable situations, and Krifka wanders through paintings with surprising detail and care, in search of consent and a deeper understanding of the nature of desire. 

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