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Martin Durazo


Jan 11 - Feb 15, 2014

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Martin Durazo


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    January 11 - February 15, 2014
    Reception: Saturday January 11, 2014, 6-9 PM

    Did it really happen?

    Moment to moment we exist to experience pleasure through thoughts and actions. In those instances of
    unplanned reverie, the mind goes through a roller coaster of doubt, hope, and excitement that at times
    result in epiphanies.

    Sub(versions): social interactions that are formulated through aesthetics of hyper-real or even artificial
    environmental factors. Light, sounds and intoxicants lure participants to explore fears and desires, and
    present opportunities for multi-faceted discoveries that require a releasing of inhibitions. This unhinging
    and its resulting intensification can produce an expansion into forms of exalted knowledge.

    Distorted images of social gatherings capture crime scenes of lingering memories. Macramé plant
    hangers invite metaphors of sex swings. Painted mirror surfaces engage distorted visions of events and
    implicate the view(er) in the moment. Love notes in the form of collage are lynch pins of recollection--a
    junction between events, real or imagined, and their colorful refuse of memory.

    Martin Durazo holds a Master of Fine Arts (1998) from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a
    Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Art (1990) from Pitzer College . His upcoming solo exhibition
    "Sleep to Dream" opens at Pitzer College on January 18 and will be on view through May 17, 2014.