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Chauney Peck

Out of Site

Jan 12 - Feb 09, 2008

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Chauney Peck


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press release



LUIS DE JESUS SEMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by CHAUNEY PECK (Gallery One) and GUSTABO VELASQUEZ (Gallery Two), opening January 12 through February 9, 2008. You are warmly invited to join us for an artist's reception on Saturday, January 12, from 6-9 pm.

Chauney Peck's work explores the evolving relationship between humans and the natural world due to excessive consumption of resources. For her first San Diego exhibition, titled Out of Site, Peck will present a new sculptural installation based on the idea of seclusion--or how things that are hidden can't hurt you. Titled Ocean Tarp, the piece is inspired by what could be considered a man-made wonder of the 21st century: the Eastern Garbage Patch*, a massive, sluggish whirlpool of floating plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii that is approximately twice the size of Texas. By recreating the surface of the ocean as a tarp-like cover, Peck offers a beguiling metaphor for how we marginalize things that are out of sight. Peck says, "Out of Site refers to the priority of things in sight and the habit of forgetting about hidden objects. Relating to garbage, this habit allows our waste debris to disappear by moving it to hidden places. Once our personal part of removing waste from our possession is over, we begin to believe in its non-existence."

Chauney Peck will also exhibit two new, life-size vinyl cut-out wall installations (Busted Buick, shown above, and Bent-up Bike) that explore the concept of waste as a ready-made sculpture, as well as vinyl collages inspired by "piles" of debris found on streets, alleys and driveways that examine the end of the mass-produced product in its moment of fleeting visibility, before it decays and is transformed back to raw materials.

In Gallery Two, Seminal Projects is pleased to present Tijuana resident and San Diego State University MFA candidate Gustabo Velasquez, who will present a new sculptural installation titled More than Nothing. With More than Nothing Velasquez continues his exploration of the urban environment that he calls home, drawing inspiration from the crude patchwork constructions and unconventional living situations--the architecture of discarded resources--that imaginatively illustrate the lifestyles of the poor and that have become a metaphor for his own life. The exhibition will include related mix-media studies and drawings.