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Lael Corbin

Greetings from Earth

May 22 - Jun 26, 2010

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Lael Corbin


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press release



Gallery Two:

Group Show featuring Christopher Barnard, Margie Livingston, Tadashi Moriyama, Christopher Russell, Jason Sherry, and William Staples May 22 – June 26, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 22nd, 5-8 PM

Eventually everything had a name and this would change the way you and I related to these things forever, for once we had named them, we stopped looking at them. From now on we only referred to them by name.” —Lael Corbin
Luis De Jesus is very pleased to present LAEL CORBIN in his second solo exhibition at the Gallery, titled “Greetings from Earth”, opening May 22nd through June 26, 2010. An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday, May 22nd, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The exhibition runs concurrent with “Bird”, his CERCA Series solo show on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego through June 20, 2010.

In an 2006 essay titled “A Brief Story about the Naming of Things”, Lael Corbin elucidates on the role that language plays upon his work, noting that his work “is an expression of his interest in language as it relates to our experience and understanding of reality’—a conceptual framework that from the beginning ’allowed us to express our experiences and knowledge about the universe, ultimately shaping our view of reality.” In “Greetings from Earth” Corbin compels us (again) to redefine our understanding and relationship to material reality. Taking his cues from the space programs of the late 1970s, like NASA’s Voyager spacecraft and its Golden Record, Corbin examines ideas and ways in which we might communicate with extraterrestrial life. In “Greetings from Earth” he offers an installation of unique images and objects that draw upon both personal narrative and poetic relationships to language while evoking such notions as history, science, space and time, as well as play, curiosity, and wonder.

Throughout his work, Corbin has dealt with language through the use of fable, allegory, narrative, and poetry, exploring how fictitious or inanimate objects can convey precept or truth, and calling into question the very materials and methodologies that form “the multitude of other conceptual frameworks that shape our perception today.” This has led him to experiment with a broad range of methods and unconventional materials, employing a strategy in which research, building, and manufacturing processes mix seamlessly together with dream-like imagery, fragments of information, syntax, memory, and competing timelines. Stripped of a normal context objects and processes that at first glance may appear familiar in the end force us to question how these forms fit into our larger consciousness.

Lael Corbin’s past “workspace” installations—Latitute (2006), Research (2007), Remodel (2008), and Bird (2010)—have explored themes of geology, biology, construction, interior renovation, aviation, and other concrete frameworks of understanding, and addressed his own personal experiences and memories, some of which extend far back into his early childhood. Often, the installations explore a physical space in flux, its relationship to his consciousness, and the impulse to identify, name, and classify “things”. Ultimately, the question of whether the objects in “Greetings from Earth” are artifact or artificial, or the implied narratives fact or fiction, may not be as relevant to our experience of them as our tenacious search for truth and meaning in the face of insurmountable ambiguity.

Lael Corbin is a graduate of San Diego State University (MFA, 2007) and Point Loma Nazarene University (BFA, 2005). He is currently presenting “BIRD”, his CERCA Series solo exhibition, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Jacobs Building, through June 20th. His installation “Peculiar Velocity”, a room within a room that comprises part of the “Bird” exhibition, has been acquired by MCASD for its permanent collection. Corbin was selected by Marcos Ramirez ERRE as the recipient of the 2007-2008 San Diego Art Prize in the Emerging Artist category.

In the adjunct space, the Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring recent works by Christopher Barnard, Margie Livingston, Tadashi Moriyama, Christopher Russell, Jason Sherry, and William Staples.