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Jason Sherry

Metahistoriogrammetry Rah! Rah!

Oct 27 - Nov 24, 2007

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Jason Sherry


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press release


LUIS DE JESUS SEMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to announce an exhibition of new sculptural installations and photo–based collage works by JASON SHERRY, titled "Metahistoriogrammetry Rah! Rah!", in Gallery One, and new line drawings by SCOTT HORSLEY in Gallery Two. The exhibition runs from October 27 through November 24, 2007. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 27, from 6 to 9 p.m.

For this exhibition, Jason Sherry has cast his sharp critical eye and fierce intellectual wit on the tradition of the alchemist, searching for answers to deep human motivations by exploring the connections between that discipline and facets of Western history and culture. Like the alchemist, whose lost art of transmutation symbolized evolution from an imperfect, diseased, and corruptible state towards a perfect, healthy, and everlasting state, Jason Sherry offers his own vision and elixir for dealing with human ignorance: humor. Throughout these works, Sherry invites us to momentarily step outside of mainstream consciousness—or the constant propaganda that controls our lives—to reveal how even our most sacred and revered institutions, traditions and beliefs, as well as the powerful people behind them, are ensnared in the ultimate mind game to manipulate reality. Jason Sherry is a graduate of San Diego State University and most recently was nominated for the 2007–2008 San Diego Art Prize.

In Gallery Two, SEMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to present Scott Horsley. Horsley, a UCSD master of fine arts candidate, will exhibit a new series of large–scale, fantastical line drawings that deal with sex, violence and masculinity as modulated by information visualizations, remote viewing technologies and other aspects of a society of control.

PROJECTSpace: GLENNA JENNINGS: “Inheritance”", New Photographs.

*The title, Metahistoriogrammetry Rah! Rah! is an amalgam of three word–expressions: meta—that which is beyond the norm (i.e., metaphysical); historio—based in historical scholarship; and grammetry, which implies a precise craft (like photogrammetry, where those dudes take aerial photographs and put them together for maps). Also, it expresses an exciting feeling or emotion, akin to school spirit—rah! rah!