FEEL BETTEr work-in-progress

How it started: letters in relief, white-on-white, but lacking the symmetry of the Modernist grid.

The irregular line of the text is imperfect, somewhat unruly, too independent, falling below manufacturer’s standards.  The failure to plan ahead and fit the words onto the banner lies entirely with the artist.  This effort is sub-par, childish, and inadequate.

“Feel better” is a standardized reaction to negative emotions, a cliché, part of the “slang of our culture” (Lionel Trilling). The text is too large, billboard-sized, exhorting readers to action. This unwieldy object tries to affect emotional change.  The inadequacies of this text to conform to higher standards subsumes its ability to accomplish that which it demands.

Today, in the studio, FEEL BETTEr is partly layered in texture, paint, and golden chunks.  Emotional currency is translated into golden “rocks.” Value, scarcity, and emotion collide.






Gustav Klimt, “Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” 1907, Neue Galerie, New York

2 thoughts on “FEEL BETTEr work-in-progress

  1. “FEEL BETTEr” !
    The command a human goal
    In this quest of lifetimes
    Sometimes the need to self-medicate
    the drug of choice solid
    crysatline gilded “rock”.
    How precious this
    and at what cost ?
    I advocate P L A N A H E AD!
    crystaline solid

  2. As a former typography instructor at Art Center, I applaud your sublime, sub-par font. If all type was physical, one foot tall and hand-crafted, we wouldn’t be bombarded with so many messages every day.

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