Hello world!

I took part in the Debutantes for a Better Society Spring Ball at Danceteria in 1984.  It was a leaderless, carnivalesque performance to an end of innocence.  Not a seminal, era-defining show of important artists, just a bunch of heroin-addicted club kids and young artists trying to hang onto an improvised sense of freedom.

This announcement is classic, tongue-in-cheek Pop.  I like everything about it: its straightforward language; faux William Morris pattern; glossy card stock; and cheap, one-color, off-register printing job.  This invitation snickers at its little joke.  But the joke, it turns out, is on us.  The streets of Manhattan would clean up as rents rose.  Corporate, material, careerist, the art world followed the money.

This is my Open Studio where works-in-progress and various contributing flotsam and jetsam from the future that is now, from the Better Society today will be documented.  All I want to say is, “Hello World!”

(The site host filled in this title for the initial post: “Hello World!”  The rules of success are blindly followed, Baudelaire’s automaton is the ghost in the machine.)


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