Kitty Quilt 2


kittens in shadow-box quilt

Post-holiday sugar-rush still lingers, disturbingly, in the pit of my stomach.  In trying to exhibit some kind of discipline, I am continuing to document the new tapestry.  This continues a line of thought documented first on the 12/5 post.  For convenience I’m calling the piece the Self-Annihilating Kitty Quilt.

The quilted part of the tapestry is a background graphic. The shadow-box faux dimensionality will morph into digitalized snow.  The greater part of the sketch represents a more sculptural deep relief.  A sculptural “bio-mass” engulfs the kitty quilt.  I think of it as a bacterial infection.  Perhaps a too obvious reference to the technological “virus”?

The cat is a representation of a kind of obsession that can be taught to machine intelligence.  There is a human fascination with biological forms that are “cute,” a visual sugar-rush: self-indulgent excess.



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