La Laguna

La Laguna sea monster









Ozzie the octopus, La Laguna










pirate ship, La Laguna

Although suicide might be an appropriate subject for the holidays, the documentation of the new tapestry started on the last post, will continue after this break.  Real tragedies intervene.

Today, I’m posting images of the creatures of La Laguna.  Frozen in time, the simple, worn concrete shapes evoke so much charm and joy in being, seemingly, unaffected by the gravity of life.

Our new studio in San Gabriel is near the mission and Vincent Lugo Park where you can find La Laguna.  The last project of Benjamin Dominguez, La Laguna of San Gabriel was completed in 1965 when he was seventy.  After designing children’s parks in the Whittier Narrows and Garden Grove, La Laguna is an accumulation of his best creatures: Minnie the whale; Stella the starfish; Ozzie the octopus; and Flipper, Speedy, and Peanut the dolphins.

Listed on the California Registry of Historic Places, it is important as a part of California’s Chicano heritage.  The increased visibility of Chicano art and heritage came hand-in-hand with efforts to better conditions for farm workers and improve civil rights.  To learn more about the park and to donate toward its current rehabilitation, see Friends of La Laguna.




experiment with ink-jet prints on fabric and padding

Small trial quilt experimenting with ink-jet prints on fabric and padding (sold at auction benefit for the Ivanhoe School).

Everything is in disarray, moving studios.  When everything is in chaos, it’s easier to plan new projects as current projects sit wraithlike wrapped in plastic sheeting.

Planning a new tapestry that will include ink-jet prints collaged with other fabrics in a pattern of internalized dissonance.  Parts of the tapestry will be padded, decor for the psych ward.  The subject, again, is the therapatized self.  The Happiness Addict hooked on cats in a state of psychosis.

The Suicide (or self-annihilating) tapestry will be documented as it develops.  A film may follow.