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Jean Lowe - Artists - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Braiding cultural critique with humor, visual pleasure and the occasional sucker punch, the work of San Diego based painter, sculptor and installation artist Jean Lowe has addressed human vanity-(our relationship to other species, the environment, sexism, our thirst for self- help, etc.)—for over 35 years. Borrowing vocabularies from art history, historic decoration, design, and commercial spaces, the artist is known for her labor intensive and fiercely handmade papier-mâche environments as well as paintings of unpeopled interiors. Lowe has recently added videos and still photography (collaborating with Lile Kvantaliani) to her oeuvre. Despite the new medium, this work operates in a similar vein to earlier projects—addressing serious topics from unexpected angles with a generous splash of wit. The message is the medium.

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