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Josh Reames


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Sleep Late

Sleep Late, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

48 x 42 inches


Josh Reames new body of work, #PAINTING, considers abstraction and painting in relation to the internet, and is informed by the strange space where a majority of viewership takes place online through blogs and websites. In these new paintings, depth, dimension, and the artist's hand are typically lost in translation from object to image, allowing the information to exist as it might appear on a digital screen.

Reames' conceptual framework functions as a kind of filtration device for cultural byproduct and its attending relativism, literally flattening disparate images and references and thereby removing their hierarchy. In this evanescence, a compendium of signs, text and symbols (emoji, letters, text, and numbers—doubling as marks, sprayed or squeezed), objects (cigarettes, fried eggs, bombs, tennis balls), and cultural icons (Gumby, female breasts) are all flattened to the same–level composition.

Reames' stream of metadata abstraction could be translated in this way:

#relativity #IRL #ubiquity #girl #animation #zztop #cruisin #sports #abstraction #URL #emoji #warhol #instagood #iphonesia #L.A. #simpsons #breakfast #figurepainting #XXX #chat #bones #paper #me #picoftheday #gardening #vacation #gumby #dialogue #blogspot #wildwest #academia #millenial #agentorange #tropix #billclinton #yellow #tbt #shopping #psychedelics #sextme #composition #aliens #mine #bigbiz #okay #overexposure #nudes #startrek #summer #deef #joerogan #vegas #escapism #midnight #punksnotdead #idealist #A.I. #snowflake

In fact, Reames' paintings are made to confuse this space. He wants the content and information in his paintings to be understood the same way one would understand a Google image search—a field in which images and forms are constantly shifting and any authoritative meaning is nearly impossible to pin down. This approach constitutes a way of viewing reality that is synonymous with our contemporary experience of spending nearly 24 hours per week (the current average for American adults) blog–surfing or scrolling through the web.

Josh Reames (b. 1985, Dallas, Texas) lives and works in Chicago. He earned his MFA (2012) from the Art Institute of Chicago and BFA (2007) from University of North Texas. He has exhibited in a number of institutions and galleries, including LVL3, Devening Projects, Andrew Rafacz, Carrie Secrist, Hyde Park Art Center, and the Union League Club, Chicago; The Hole, Muelensteen, and Monya Rowe Gallery, New York; Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas; and Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin, among others. In 2012, Reames was artist–in–residence at Ox Bow (funded by Joan Mitchell Foundation) in Saugatuck, Michigan.


Lives and works in New York City and Los Angeles.

2012 - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - MFA
2007 - University of North Texas - BFA

Josh Reames + José Lerma, Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
Brand New Gallery, Milan, IT (forthcoming)
Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, IL ( forthcoming)
EXPO CHICAGO (with Kate Bonner) presented by Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles (forthcoming)
Johannes Vogt Gallery, with Ron Ewert and Greg Ito, New York, NY
Carl & Sloan, with Wendy White, Portland, Oregon
CO-ED (with Amber Renaye), Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX
VOLTA NY, presented by Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
Annarumma Gallery, Naples, IT
#PAINTING, Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
Tripper, Circuit 12 Contemporary. Dallas, TX
AND, Union League Club. Chicago, IL

UNTITLED Miami 2015, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
HA HA! BUSINESS, Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
SURPH, The Barn Show, East Hampton, NY (curated by Josh Reames and Adriana Farietta)
Five, LVL3. Chicago, IL
2159 Miles (off-site exhibition curated by Brand New Gallery). San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Go Between, Museo Di Capodimonte. Naples, IT
Buying Friends, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art. Grand Rapids, MI
Cat Call, 356 Mission. Los Angeles, CA
Ducks (curated by Ryan Travis Christian), Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
All of us together, Guerrero Gallery. San Francisco, CA
For Your Eyes Only, Annarumma Gallery. Naples, IT
YOU ARE HERE, The Hole. New York, New York
Timeshares, LVL3. Chicago, IL
SHIT IS REAL, Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, IL