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Dennis Koch - Artists - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Dennis Koch, Versor Parallel installation, 2019

Primarily working in the medium of drawing, Koch makes meticulously structured abstract works inspired by the scientific fields of physics, cosmology, dimensional mathematics, and parapsychology. 

In Koch’s newest body of work, “Versor Parallels”, the properties and relationship of rotating spheres is contemplated further. These drawings consist of six vortices within twelve circles that circumscribe an exponential matrix of triangles. This geometry of vortices, circles, and triangles form a prismatic refraction, an analog to the electromagnetic spectrum, which we perceive as visible light. Koch views these works as an allegory for the kaleidoscopic combination of the twelve Jungian archetypes within people or even the cosmological myth of our solar system having once been inhabited by twelve planets.

Koch’s ongoing Circle Set series are experiments in hemispheric discontinuity and parallel-processing. Analogous to the bifurcated hemispheres of the human brain, these dense colored pencil drawings consist of two warped sets of five rings, each encircling a blank white oculate. These blank center points focalize the viewer’s attention leaving the vibrant, often-dissonant sets of rings to be subliminally cross-processed in unison. The toroidal shape of these drawings also closely resembles how magnetic fields radiate out around a planet. The resulting experience is similar to neuroscientist Robert Monroe’s use of oscillating binaural auditory tones. These tones stimulate and harmonize brainwaves promoting an experience of altered states of consciousness.

Koch has previously exhibited in Los Angeles with Karl Hutter Fine Art, Happy Lion, Kantor Gallery, High Energy Constructs, Galerie Sabine Knust in Munich, and Miyake Fine Art in Tokyo.  In September 2012, Koch exhibited in the group exhibition, XYZ: The Geometric Impulse in Abstract Art, at the Torrance Art Museum. In November 2013, Koch was highlighted as one of 7 emerging male artists to watch in Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California

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