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Hector Dionicio Mendoza



Hector Dionicio Mendoza


Published by: Hunger Button Books

Softcover, 136 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936083-21-3

Featuring artwork and essays by: Arturo Araujo, Willa Briggs, Shari Bryant, Israel Campos, Binh Danh, Annette Goodfriend, Emily Gui, Yunan Ma, Kent Manske, Hector Dionicio Mendoza, Jiamao Yuan, and J. Adán Ruiz

Poems by: James Cagney, Aileen Cassinetto, Chloe Chou, Veronica Kornberg, and Eileen Tabios
Interviews: Sharmon Hilfinger by Katherine Bazak, Judith Selby Lang by Nanette Wylde, and Zach Pine by Richard Whittaker

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