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Zackary Drucker - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Zackary Drucker, At Least You Know You Exist, 2011, 16mm transferred to video, color, sound. 16:08 min.

We Begin Again

We Begin Again is a program of short films that illuminates the transformative power of interpersonal and spiritual relationships. The featured filmmakers weave past, present, and future together around a range of identity-affirming acts, engaging with archival materials and cataloging enduring mythologies.

Zachary Drucker and Wu Tsang collaborate with close friends and mentors to affirm the reciprocal, ever-evolving care found in non-biological connections. Cheryl Dunye, Adrian Garcia Gomez, and Kia LaBeija turn to their families to investigate the processes that bind kin together and maintain traditions from one generation to the next. And Bruce Conner, Caroline Monnet, and Alicia Smith consider how intangible lineages inherent in archival and cultural imagery can be brought forth in the present. 

We Begin Again screens daily in the McEvoy Arts Screening Room at the top of the hour.  Curated by Amanda Nudelman, exhibitions and public programs curator, and Dylan Sherman, curatorial assistant. The program is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Rituals of Devotion at McEvoy Arts.

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