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Vian Sora - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles


Vian Sora
Well, Wishing, 2022
Oil and mixed media on canvas
70 x 80 in


As concerns and expectations of AI begin to dominate the narrative in our increasingly technologically dependent society some artists reply with the personal mark, risk taking, chance, the unknown endpoint, the illogical, the mystery…to produce a reflection of a living, very human, experience.


Featured artists: Nick Aguayo, Sharon Barnes, Michael Bauer, Fatemeh Burnes, Galen Cheney, Mark Dutcher, Barbara Friedman, John Goetz, Zachary Keeting, Robert Kingston, Christopher Kuhn, Annie Lapin, Michael Mancari, Ali Smith, Vian Sora, Marie Thibeault, Liliane Tomasko, Chris Trueman, Suzanne Unrein, Audrey Tulmiero Welch.

Curated by Marie Thibeault and Max Presneill

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