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Miyoshi Barosh - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Miyoshi Barosh
Crowd of Legs, 2014
Dimensions variable

The Craft in America Center is pleased to present Body Conscious: Southern California Fiber, an exhibition of nine forward-looking fiber artists operating in and around the framework of the human body. This geo-specific exhibition ventures to capture the aura of fiber art in Southern California, as well as to chart the region’s potential impact on the craft. Los Angeles is, after all, the veritable tastemaker of body image. It has also been a fertile region for the development of fiber as an artistic medium for expression.

Far from a static entity, the body undergoes change, self-induced or otherwise, on a daily basis. Our bodies go where we go, and with them we carry our biology, our sexuality, and our self-awareness. These are the things that make us tick, and the artists in Body Conscious uniquely present this motley portrait while employing a medium that is most conducive to articulating these themes.

This will be a rare chance to get a taste of the energy and vitality of the regional fiber art scene. Artists in the exhibition include: Miyoshi Barosh, Ashley V. Blalock, Carrie Ann Burckle, Ben Cuevas, Luke Haynes, Annette Heully, Zac Monday, Jennifer Reifsneider, and Ellen Schinderman. Work by these innovators will be on view at the center early this fall. Body Conscious: Southern California Fiber will run from August 23, 2014 – October 25, 2014 with various programming associated with the exhibition to be scheduled.

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