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Laura Karetzky - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Installation view of Film Noir, The Bunker Artspace | Beth Rudin DeWoody, December 3, 2022 - On view through 2023

Our Film Noir exhibition “The artwork in this show reflects the influences of a watershed era in which American culture reached its peak- in both power and style- only to lose its innocence and begin its inevitable and gradual decline. Today, the cynicism and fatalism found in classic Film Noir seems almost comforting compared to the ugliness and pessimism we confront in the media, on movie screens, and in the streets. We watch Film Noir with an endless fascination, and and undeniable aspect of our fascination is the realization that, as a culture, we will never be that stylish again” an excerpt from Eddie Muller’s essay “Low Company, High Style: The Eternal Allure of Film Noir”

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