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Hugo Crosthwaite - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Hugo Crosthwaite
Robotlicue, 2013
Acrylic, graphite, on matt board
120 x 96 in.

Elsewhere(s), curated by Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi

Organized by guest curators Estrellita Brodsky and José Falconi, Elsewhere(s) brings together works by over 25 artists from Latin America and its diaspora, drawn from Untitled Art’s roster of participating galleries as well as Latin American private collections and institutions. Occupying various spaces around the fair’s main entrance, the exhibition aims to counter the marginal position of the region’s art within the commercial art market, while reflecting on artists’ roles to envision alternative societies as shamans, healers or utopian visionaries. The exhibition features works from multiple periods and regions, grouped around themes of cosmology, magic, and non-Western forms of knowledge.

On view at SP4 from November 29 through December 4, 2021.

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