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Federico Solmi - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Installation shot of Federico Solmi's work as part of The Quest for Happiness at Serlachius Museum, 

The Quest for Happiness – Italian Art Now presents a selection of the most interesting Italian contemporary artists. Their common theme is the quest for happiness. The majority of them have never exhibited in Finland before.

For many of them, creativity and energy have been the answer to the economic and political crisis that struck Italy in 2008. This occurred throughout the whole Western world. After a decade of geopolitical overturn, happiness became a value of rising importance. Subsequently it became a remarkably popular subject in many fields. They are personal achievement, job contexts, academic researches, consumerism and environment protection, to name a few. 

The exhibition’s artists present through their artworks a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the concept of happiness today. As a result, they are touching on key topics such as spirituality and materialism, family and communities as well as time and nature. Furthermore, such topics as history and identity, politics and freedom, feelings and technologies are dealt with. The show offers a chance to investigate what happiness means in contemporary art. It presents the viewpoint of young and mid-career Italian artists who have already experienced one of the most severe political, economic and social crisis in generations.

The artists included in the exhibition The Quest for Happiness are Yuri Ancarani, Silvia Camporesi, Loris Cecchini, Federica Di Carlo, Goldschmied & Chiari, Francesco Jodice, Marzia Migliora, Matteo Montani, Okkult Motion Pictures (Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese), Federico Pietrella, Pietro Ruffo, Marinella Senatore, Federico Solmi, and Zimmerfrei.

The exhibition is curated by Maria Stella Bottai, Lorella Scacco and Pirjo Immonen.

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Federico Solmi The Loving Despot, 2015/2016

Federico Solmi
The Loving Despot, 2015/2016
Multimedia HD video

Federico Solmi The Gracious Patriot, 2019

Federico Solmi
The Gracious Patriot, 2019
Multimedia HD video

Federico Solmi The Amiable Exploiter, 2019

Federico Solmi
The Amiable Exploiter, 2019
Multimedia HD video



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