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Edra Soto - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Installation of Edra Soto's Casa-Isla | House-Island for Chicago Botanic Garden's "Flourish: The Garden at 50."


Expanding on her ongoing architectural interventions inspired by her native Puerto Rico’s built environment, Edra Soto's newly commissioned sculpture Casa-Isla | House-Island considers the idiosyncratic architecture and designs of lower- and middle-class homes, redeploying those elements in architectural representations. The horizontal shapes floating on the water allude to the topography of the island of Puerto Rico and a notion of the house as a vessel. In this sense, the work becomes a reflection on states of isolation and the idea of homes as topographical spaces that contain private histories.

Flourish: The Garden at 50 celebrates the Chicago Botanic Garden's 50th anniversary. It is four-plus months of experiences, art, and joy. Art installations will connect visitors with nature in new ways. Interactive performances throughout the Garden will surprise and delight. An exhibition in the Greenhouse Galleries will take visitors back in time and transport them to an imagined future for the Garden.

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