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Edie Beaucage - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

A pop-up hosted by Satchel Projects, Yonder Crush is a group exhibition coordinated by and featuring the work of SVA residency alums from multiple disciplines. Join us for the culmination of months of online discussion and discovery when our work in painting, sculpture, photography, collage, mixed media, video, and digital art physically converge in this wide-ranging exhibition representing 25 contemporary artists from across the Americas, Europe, and East Asia. 

Exhibiting artists include: Leslie Alfin, Edie Beaucage, Ai Campbell, Joe Cimino, Aleksy Cisowski, Sarah Dineen, Bianca Dunn, C Fodoreanu, Felipe Góes, Nina Gospodin, Dev Harlan, Rachel Harris-Huffman, Liang He, James Horner, Soobin Jeon, Janet Lee, Massiel del Mar, Linda Marcus, Lu Mazen, Yasmin Mazloom, Naomi Moser, Kelli Prizner, Megan Riera, Carol Updegrave, Judith Wolfsberger

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Selected Works

Edie Beaucage  Kaya, 2022

Edie Beaucage 
Kaya, 2022
Acrylic On Paper
18 x 24 in

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