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Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is pleased to participate in the second edition of Gallery Weekend Los Angeles, presented by the Gallery Association Los Angeles (GALA) from July 27-30, 2022. 

In conjunction with their current solo exhibitions, the gallery will present John Brooks and Jonathan VanDyke in back to back readings on Saturday, July 30th as part of readings on Saturday, July 30th as part of our Gallery Weekend LA programme. We will begin with John Brooks at 1pm followed immediately by Jonathan Van Dyke. A second presentation will be held at 4pm.

John Brooks reads his original poetry surrounded by his new paintings in Thinking About Danger.

John Brooks will give a reading of some of his original poetry. Much like his paintings, Brooks' poetry stems from and comprises an amalgam of influences, drawing inspiration from art history, literature, pop culture, his own personal experiences, and a deep relationship with the natural world. An exploration of the complexities and mysteries of existence, Brooks' work has been published in Plainsongs, East by Northeast, and Assaracus, and was shortlisted for the Sarabande Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature Prize.

Jonathan VanDyke reads his Letter to a Viewer and shares an intimate view of his studio process.

In 2019, VanDyke began writing a series of Letters addressed directly to the viewers of each successive solo exhibition. Unfolding like chapters in a book, each letter brings the audience alongside him as he ponders a range of personal, cultural, and political issues. The Letters illuminate the subtexts that linger around VanDyke’s complex and richly layered abstractions. Following a reading of his latest letter, VanDyke will lead a tour of his gallery installation, How to Operate in a Green Room, revealing aspects of the lengthy studio processes used to make each painting. 

Gallery Weekend Los Angeles will feature over 70 local galleries and art spaces drawn from both GALA's membership as well as non-profit and alternative art spaces that have been invited to participate. For more information about Gallery Weekend Los Angeles, please follow the link below. 

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