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Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to host a conversation between New York-based artist Mimi Smith and Christie Mitchell, Curator and Executive Director of the Athenaeum of Music and Arts Library in La Jolla. They discuss Mimi's 60-year career as a pioneering feminist artist and her current solo exhibition, “Head-On”, on view at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles through March 4. 

For nearly six decades, artist Mimi Smith (b. 1942) has created objects that simultaneously engage the personal, domestic sphere and the larger socio-political context of our time. Smith is often regarded as a feminist artist avant la lettre—ahead of her time— creating ground-breaking work that forecasted the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s. The works presented in this exhibition are indicative of Smith’s experimentation with various mediums in navigating womanhood, identity and history, and the use of her body as “the armature for a worn environment.

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