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Federico Solmi’s Rocco Never Dies is a hand drawn animation based on the XXX film of the same name starring Italian porn superstar Rocco Siffredi. It is presented as a documentary of the life of one of the greatest Italian icons in American society. In the original porn film, Rocco Siffredi plays the role of a special agent, a kind of a hardcore version of James Bond. In his great efforts to save the world from a nuclear terrorist attack, Rocco Siffredi runs into many dangerous adventures, and of course, gorgeous sex performances, but always towards one goal: to save humanity from evil.  The animation takes place during this absurd scenario of an imminent world catastrophe in which Rocco, while answering his call of duty, is discovered to be mortal. During the filming of his masterpiece Rocco Never Dies, Rocco Siffredi suffers a heart attack while performing in a gang bang scene. After a desperate attempt to rescue him, including a crazy drive in an ambulance through the streets of New York City, Rocco dies at Beth Israel Hospital at the age of 37. He is acclaimed by the public as a war hero and given a state funeral. Rocco Never Dies is a celebration of the absurdity and triumphs of the contradictions in life today, as well as a romantic story about a man of strength, who came from a small town to conquest the glory of life through tremendous work.

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