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American Circus is a maximalist portrait of Times Square as an eternal carnival, filled with food stands, whirling amusement rides, American flags, fireworks, an absurd collection of iconic world landmarks, and signs advertising “EVERYTHING 99¢ OR LESS.” A cheering crowd seems to revel in a continuous spectacle of entertainment, consumption, and nationalism.

“Any facet of contemporary life can be exemplified, criticized, rewritten or revealed. The role of art is as a vehicle of engagement, to offer society a means of self-reflection and perspective. The work I have created for Midnight Moment is a fantastical reflection of the space, the image, and the cultural meaning of Times Square, which is the epicenter of entertainment and media culture in America, and represents the influence of technology on our physical, public spaces.”
–Federico Solmi

“American Circus holds up a funhouse mirror to Times Square and, by extension, to America. Presented in the patriotic month of July, Federico Solmi invites the viewer to join in or question the celebration.” 
– Andrew Dinwiddie, Acting Director, Times Square Arts

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