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Join the Exploratorium for a soaring conversation between writer Maria Popova and interdisciplinary artist Lia Halloran, presented in celebration of Double Horizon, Halloran’s current installation at the Exploratorium. With an eye to this work, they will explore broader questions about creativity and the role of art as a lens on reality—all animated by their shared passion for science.

Double Horizon is on view at the Black Box in Osher Gallery 1 now through August 7, 2022.

Maria Popova thinks and writes about science and art, poetry and philosophy, children’s books and our search for meaning—about what it means to live a life of purpose and gladness, wonder-smitten by reality. She is the creator of The Marginalian (born in 2006 under the outgrown name Brain Pickings), which is included in the Library of Congress permanent digital archive of culturally valuable materials; the author of a very thick, very yellow book titled Figuring and a very slender, very colorful book titled The Snail with the Right Heart; and the maker of The Universe in Verse, a charitable celebration of the wonder of reality through stories of science winged with poetry.

Lia Halloran is an artist who often incorporates science and nature to create projects that draw from scientific materials, historical influences, and identities. She has participated in a wide range of interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists and architects including an upcoming book with Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne about the “warped side of the universe.” She developed a deep love of science at her first high school job, doing cow eye dissections and laser demonstrations as an Exploratorium Explainer. Halloran is represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, and is an Associate Professor at Chapman University, teaching courses that explore the intersection of art and science.

For captions, follow this link.

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